Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Intelligent Textiles - Fine European Fabrics

Design 75619

" In Between" - Straight lines join forces with exceptional materials. Alternating between opaque and translucent stripes, this fabric combines architectural principles of transparency and opacity.

Design 90608
"Decorative Blackout" - Stylish, futuristic and symmetrical. With stark contrasts and precise shapes, the blackout fabric provides ideal backdrop for open planned and spacious rooms.

Design 90609
"Blackout" - Stark, architectonic and linear. With distinctive geometric designs on a white background, the blackout fabric enhances the minimalist shapes and colors of your room concept.

Design 90508
"Decorative" - Creative accents for the spacious room. With its offbeat design, the decorative fabric dynamically underlines a modern living and working atmosphere.

Commercial Quality.
Intelligent Textiles.

Fine European Textiles

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