Wednesday, August 22, 2012


"Sundance" Necklace

The lovely Monica Pedersen of HGTV wearing Mavi Moon's "Tangerine Versalles"necklace. 
Featuring textile from our eco collection.
 Special Thank You to Monica and the Editor at Large team for hosting a segment on Eco friendly products!
It was a blast!

Marguerite necklace.

Mavi Moon's talented designer and stylist, Yonca Bobus, creates 'one off' eco friendly decorative jewelry, hair pieces, from head bands to brooches and more.   Yonca's exclusive lines are hand made, making each and every piece a true original piece of art.  We are thrilled that Harry Harry's eco textiles play a large part of  the Mavi Moon collection.   

You can find the exclusive  Mavi Moon collection online at or you can see first hand the latest collections on display in our booth at our upcoming trade events in Atlanta and  Las Vegas.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012